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Shipping & Returns

To ensure that it will arrive your order quickly, so that the good reputation of our company Kurir enterprise in the same conditions, it is as soon as possible and the ship delivered. So, you can be sure that this signature has to pay.

Note that contains many things that you can get more than one package.

The order will be delivered from Monday to Friday, except on holidays.

Unfortunately, we can not guarantee delivery.
For Britain the most continental and Northern Ireland, address to work within 2-4 working days with you, to send the date of payment. In high demand, it may take longer.

Delivery in remote areas such as the Highlands and Islands may need extra 3-5 days.

International standard
For our international (zone) Delivery We use DHL International. Wait up to three days to get to.

Please note that only on this page are the UK VAT prices for all paid orders. Some international delivery depends on taxes, it is your responsibility.

How do I get back, I buy online?
Within 28 days if it is in our store or through an invoice as proof of purchase to get an e-mail refund (see below) to purchase.
The products should not be used and in its original condition, including packaging and labeling. The above is in accordance with the law.

Internet shopping project
We can not give feedback in the form of online review process.

If something to the same or a different size or color of the product only requires the replacement of the product, you have new items that receive needs. The new order will be sent directly to you if you want to win back, we return to our strategy.

When you save part of the free choice of our return, you can always use a credit card to buy items in the store, return other merchandise. bone

If there is something wrong or not as described on the Internet?
If you have proven something that are willing to buy, we recommend that you do so. Back in business, if possible, so that we can not in the project to take position and impose a penalty if you want to be free, we recommend you discuss customer service, the best way.

If the product is defective, you will receive a refund or replacement, if possible to get project. You can fully offset for transport or delivery to pay. If prior to speaking is subject to dysfunction or excessive wear, abuse or vandalism with you. We can not give any refunds in this case.

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